Privacy Policy Privacy Policy

Last modified and effective: June 3, 2019


At (“us”, “our”, “we” or “website”), protecting your privacy is a top priority.
We strictly protect the security of any and all personal information you provide to us while using Our software and services.
We do not share or sell information to any third party and we proactively protect all user data from disclosure, with the only exception being if requested by legitimate law agencies with a court order.

This privacy policy may be modified and updated at any time.
Upon privacy policy change users will be notified through the News section of the website with a minimum time of 30 days ahead.

Cookies for basic functionality

This website uses cookies for basic website functionality.
No personal or trackable data is stored in these cookies.
These cookies are deleted upon leaving the website or closing the browser.

Discord Widget

We are using the third-party Discord Widget on our website.
This widget is subject to's Privacy Policy.
You can disable this widget by blocking "iframes" in your browser's settings.

Advertisement, Analytics and Google

This website is ad-free and does not advertise or forward user data in any shape or form.
We do not use any third-party analytics technology.
While we strive to avoid using any of Google's services due to their intense tracking and privacy breeching technologies,
we may at times need to temporarily enable Google ReCaptcha in order to protect our services from heavy attacks such as from spammers and more.


You can optionally create an account for using our services.
When signing in with the "Remember Me" option an encrypted cookie will be created for automatically logging you in upon revisiting our website.
To provide secure account services and accountability for abuse, some account actions are logged with IP Address and User Agent for a duration of 3 months.
You have full access to all your data from within your account and can delete the account and all data at any time.


You will receive automated UMF Account related emails from us upon registering an UMF Account.
These emails include Verifying email address link, Two Factor Authentication codes, password reset links, and account security notifications.
Any other emails are strictly OPT-IN from your account settings.
All emails sent from us includes a link for reporting wrong email addresses, as well as a link to our contact form for reporting any abuse.
Your email address will never be publicly displayed, nor will it ever be shared with any third party.


Should you be banned from the website for breaking the Terms or any kind of abuse, your IP address will be stored indefinitely in the form of a SHA256 hash.

Upon choosing to delete your UMF Account, your UMF Account and all data associated with it will immediately be disabled, and then fully deleted within 24 hours.
Choosing to delete your UMF Account will also permanently ban you from our services in the form of storing SHA256 hashes of your IP Address, Email and Display Name to prevent re-use and abuse.

If your UMF Account has been banned for any reason other than deleting it, your UMF Account will be deleted within a period of 3 to 12 months depending on the reason it was banned and any pending investigation.

Unique Download Tracking

All UMF and Mod downloads are tracked by a SHA256 hash of your IP Address, OS and Browser.
This hash is not reversible and your IP Address, OS and Browser is not stored.
Example of Data:
User Hash, File, Time (Unix)
"13522e1cbda156896c0d4e68670f1f313c41a66bf98f248a386f7dab66977351", "", "1557212027"
This data is automatically deleted and combined into a grand total statistic every 3 months.

We do not currently use any UMF Account related download tracking, but may do so in the future.

Any questions or queries can be made through the contact form on the Website at