About UMF

This project was created between May and June, 2018, and released publicly on June 29, 2018 out of my love for making and releasing mods for Unity Engine games.

It was originally called "Unity Mod Framework" before it was released, and a domain name was bought with that name in mind (oops), however Unity is a trademark of Unity Technologies, the creators of the Unity Engine. So it was renamed to "uMod Framework" in order to avoid legal trouble. So the u in uMod stands for unity in case you wonder.

Before creating this project I was releasing a lot of mods through the modification of "Assembly-CSharp.dll" for each game. However redistributing this file was often legally ambigious and sometimes caused reasonable complaints from developers or users due to containing the game's original source code as well. It originally started out as an idea for a mod loader for the game Slime Rancher, but was first written for the early access game Graveyard Keeper after being fed up with hearing the above complaints. After that it was then quickly improved to work with all Unity Engine games, rather than making one for each game.

It took some clues at the start when moving from a single game project into a universal project from UnityPluginManager.

Today it relies on several open-source libraries for many of it's features;