UMF News

Happy 2nd Birthday UMF

Today it's now been 2 years since UMF first released.
Progress has been slower this second year largely due to UMF being in the process of being rewritten.
A rewrite has long been necessary to better provide support for new features, more reliability and stability as well as code cleaning.
The new UMF will feature a brand new UI, new config system, better mod packaging, better mod library and third party library support, improved encryption, and a lot more.
This means all existing mods will break, and will require them all to be updated to work.
When the new UMF is ready for testing, it will remain in beta for several months to give mods a chance to be updated, before UMF is released on the stable branch.
There is no set date or estimate for when this new UMF will be out, but you can follow some of the progress on our Discord.

New Release v0.53.0

A new version (v0.53.0) of UMF has now been released.
This release is both late and too early;
Late because I have had a lot on my plate and packed too many changes into one update.
Early because it contains some unfinished features such as the Mod Manager.
Due to the size and early release of this update it's likely to contain a few uncaught issues.

This update features;

  • - Support for Unity Engine 2019

  • - Support for Mod Packs (Website support to be added later)

  • - Support for Universal Mods

  • - Major improvements to the UMF Installer

  • - Improved Mod Library/API support

  • - Various Bug fixes and internal improvements.

See the Changelog for a full list of changes.

Happy Birthday UMF

Today it has been 1 year since the first release of UMF.
In that year UMF has been downloaded more than 73,000 times by more than 50,000 unique users, despite having just a few mods available for most of that time.
UMF has come a very long way in just a year, and still has so much more in store for it.
While there is no new release today, here are some of the things coming in the next few releases:

  • - Fixes for MacOS

  • - Easy Modpacks

  • - Slime Rancher Mod API

  • - A rewrite of the in-game GUI

  • - More integration and improvements with the website

The documentation is also in the process of being moved to a better wiki software, due to nothing but problems with the current one.
It will replace the current wiki URL as soon as it is ready.
More official mods for more games are also coming, but anyone could start creating mods with a little bit of learning.
There are a lot of other big plans for UMF not mentioned here, but those will take a lot more time.

New Release v0.52.1

A new version (v0.52.1) of UMF has now been released.
This is a minor update with some bug fixes to common issues.

See the Changelog for a full list of changes.

New Website and New Release v0.52

A new version (v0.52) of UMF has now been released.
With this release we also bring a brand new website with mod hosting!
This is only a small beginning of big things to come.

The UMF update brings an all new Installer, a one-click mod installer, new tools for mod creators, and much more.
Due to the introduction of Harmony 2.0 all old mods will break with this release, but fear not, we have updated all of the official mods to go along with this release.
See the Changelog for a full list of changes.

The documentation has been moved over to the wiki and updated, and will continue to be built on over time.
You can find the new documentation here.

New Release v0.50

A new version (v0.50) of UMF has now been released.
UPDATE: Hotfix v0.50.1 is out fixing freeze issues related to locale and mod localization.

This release requires a manual re-install due to a missed bug in UMF v0.45.
The update adds a ton of new features mainly for modders so they can create even better and more advanced mods.
It also has several requested UMF Menu improvements, improved setup problem detection, and a new way to load mods.
Users should now be aware of .umfmod files which are packed mods simply dropped into the Mods folder to install.
All officially released mods will be switching to these mod packages to make it easy for the users.
See the Changelog for a full list of changes.

The Documentation will be updated and moved to a Wiki over the next weeks.

New Release v0.45

A new version (v0.45) of UMF has now been released.
UPDATE: Hotfix v0.45.1 is out fixing crashes with UPM mods.
This version should hopefully automatically download and install over the previous v0.40.
However if you have trouble with that you can uninstall the previous version and manually download and install the new one.
Changelog Summary:
- Automated save game backups.
- Localization support. (Currently only in English, Translators needed.)
- Big improvements to the UMF Menu and UMF Console.
- Stable/Beta branch system. (Updates will come often on the Beta branch.)
- A ton of internal improvements, stability improvements, bugfixes and API additions.
See the Changelog for a full list of changes.

New Update v0.45 coming soon

The next UMF update v0.45 is almost ready for release.
It is currently undergoing testing and is available for public testing in our Discord.
This update also adds in full localization support to UMF, but is currently only in English.
For this reason we need translators who are willing to contribute.
The translators must be fluent in English and the language you are translating it to.
Most wanted languages: Chinese, Russian, German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean, Turkish, Polish and Italian.
The file you need to translate can be found inside the Locale folder of UMF.

New Release v0.40

A new version (v0.40) of UMF has now been released.
All previous versions of UMF should be fully uinstalled and deleted before installing this, to prevent issues.
This update is really big and a ton of time has been spent testing it to ensure everything works, however some bugs may have gone unnoticed.
Noteworthy Changes:
- Drastically increased overall user-friendlyness.
- Mods can automatically update them selves.
- UMF can automatically update it self. (Untested on Linux and Mac)
- The Setup is more helpful in diagnosing problems.
- GUI design improvements and bugfixes.
- Internal performance and stability improvements.
- More API calls for mod creators.
See the Changelog for a full list of changes.

We now also have a Discord server, find the link on the website.
Linux and Mac testers are still wanted for ensuring compatability with current and future releases.
The Documentation will be completely remade over the following days. The API (#8) section is up to date.

New user friendly update coming soon

The next UMF update named the #user-friendly Update is around the corner.
It is the first update that focuses on making UMF a lot more user-friendly.
Adding in things like fully automatic UMF and Mod updates, desktop shortcuts, GUI improvements, Setup improvements and a lot more.
You can see a full list of upcoming changes in the Changelog.

The main thing holding back the new update right now, is the lack of available Linux and Mac users that can test the new features to ensure they work correctly on those OS's.
If any Linux and Mac users out there are willing to help, just join the discord or forum and let me know.