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This page covers common issues people have with UMF.
If your issue is not found here, you can try asking for help in our Discord.
When asking for help in the Discord, make sure you zip your Logs folder and drop it in with your issue description.

UMF Installer Errors

All errors with the UMF Installer are due to missing either .NET 4.7.2 (Windows) or mono (Linux & MacOSX).


  • If you are unable to install .NET 4.7.2 then you will need to update your Windows.
  • It is highly recommended you upgrade to Windows 10.


  • If you used a repository to install mono then you probably did not install the complete package.
  • Install the mono-complete package.
  • If that does not work you can also try installing the mono-devel package.
  • Alternatively you can try a Command line install.


Mods do not show up in-game

If you are certain you have installed mods and it says that no mods were loaded in-game, then you have folder permission issues.
This usually happens when you install your game inside C:\Program Files\ or C:\Program Files (x86)\ which is a bad practice.
For this reason it's always better to install games and game launchers to C:\Games\ or D:\Games\.
There are 4 ways you can fix this issue:

  1. Re-install UMF. This will rewrite the folder permissions needed by UMF.
    • If this does not work it usually means you have some other software such as Anti-Virus that prevents or undo any changes UMF makes to the folder permissions.
  2. Manually set the permissions on your Game Folder to give you full read/write rights recursively.
  3. Install the game in a better location where Windows isn't trying to limit your access to your games.
  4. Always run the game as administrator every single time.

The UMF Installer is missing from the zip

Your Anti-Virus software likely deleted the file when you extracted it.
Add the folder containing the zip to exclusions in your Anti-Virus software.
Re-extract the zip file after this is done.

Missing file(s) after installing UMF

Your Anti-Virus software likely deleted the file.
Add the Game Folder to exclusions in your Anti-Virus software.
Re-install UMF with the UMF Installer after this is done.

Can't open the UMF Menu

This could be due to one of the following reasons;

  • Your keyboard or laptop has a F lock key/Fn key that must be pressed to use the F10 key.
  • You have changed your UMF Menu binding to something invalid. Delete \Mods\Configs\uModFramework.ini to clear your invalid binding.
  • Part of UMF crashed when starting up. Zip the log files and provide them in the #help channel on our Discord for more help with this.

Can't open the UMF Console

The default key binding for the UMF Console is Left Shift + ~.
~ or Tilde is always the key directly above the tab key on all keyboard layouts and languages.
If you want to change the binding you can do so within the UMF Menu.

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