uMod Framework

A third-party mod loader and API for all Unity Engine games.

This project brings together various open source libraries along with it's own code and documentation to hopefully create the ultimate Unity Engine modding experience some day.

For users/players: You can easily install mods into almost any Unity Engine game.

For mod creators: There are plenty of APIs to create mods out of just a few lines of C#.

Disclaimer: This is a under development learning project. It is far from perfect.

At the moment it is closed source and will remain so until an unspecified time of my choosing.

Please be patient.

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    For Users:

  • Drag and drop install of mods.
  • In-game Menu for configuration of mods.
  • Fully automated updating of Mods and UMF.
  • Full localization support. (Translations Needed)
  • User-friendly setup for installing and uninstalling.
  • Compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac!
  • Does NOT disable Achievements in any game.
  • For Mod Creators:

  • Create mods for any Unity game using C#.
  • Works with all Unity Engine 5.x games up to 2018.x.
  • In-game Console with console commands and API.
  • Add unity scripts that are started with the game.
  • Modify existing code using Harmony.
  • Patching of Inline code using the UMF Patch system.
  • Built-in mod load order and priority.
  • Built-in configuration API.
  • Built-in console API.
  • Built-in logging API.
  • A growing API.
  • Loads additional assembly libraries before mods.
  • Does not re-distribute game files, or Unity Engine files.

Planned Features

    For Users:

  • Installer with drop-down list of games to install UMF to.
  • Single download/drag/drop into mods folder .umfmod file.
  • Optional In-Game UMF Chat for mod users with 3 channels. Global, Current Game Specific, OS Language Specific.
  • Manager GUI - Install UMF and edit mod configs/load order from a outside-game GUI.
  • For Mod Creators:

  • Unified modded asset loading - API for loading assets from a mod folder
  • A Wiki?
  • Create mods using Lua Scripts.
  • More API stuff to make things even easier.
  • Better Documentation.