For Windows, Linux and MacOS

UMF (uMod Framework) is a mod loader and modding framework for all Unity Engine games.
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Install, Load & Play Mods

Mods made for UMF are as easy as 1-2-3. You can install mods with one click, then start the game and play!

Manage & Configure Mods

Use as many mods as you want, and configure, order and disable them from in-game.

Create Mods

Write mods in C# with the help of a well documented API, examples, and the tools to generate the needed project files for you.

More Features

Easy Install & Uninstall

The UMF Installer is easy to use and can automatically find your games for you. Likewise the Uninstall process is just as easy and thorough.

Automatic Mod Updates

All mods that enable it can be automatically updated before they are even loaded into the game.

OS Compatibility

UMF is fully compatible with
Windows and Linux. There is also limited support for MacOS.

Achievements Safe

UMF and the Mods do not disable the Achievements in any game.

Much more...

Aside from many more unlisted features, UMF is a large and growing project with big plans!

In-game Menu & Console

Configure UMF and your mods from in-game, and use powerful console commands.

Automatic UMF Updates

UMF automatically checks for updates on game starts and asks if you want to update. Updates are automatic and restarts your game for you.

Full Localization Support

While UMF and Mods support localization through the API, they have not yet been translated to other languages.

Legal & Sanitary

UMF or its Mods do not re-distribute any files or code from the Unity Engine or games.

For Modders

Project File Generator

Included are the tools to generate all the project files and initial source code for you.

Extensive & Growing API

An extensive and growing universal modding API lets you easily handle assets, bindings, configs, console commands, encryption, localization and much more.

Included Libraries

UMF takes advantage of and integrates into the API the latest and greatest libraries for Memory and Disk patching, Encryption, Ini Handling, and Archiving.

Load Order, Priority and Dependency

Aside from UMF Mods being very compatible with each other, UMF also features load priorities, a load order and mod depdency systems.

Code Security

From storing strings and data, to securely packing mods, UMF offers optional AES-256 encryption on everything that needs to be kept safe, or that you don't want to share.