CE OverlordCheatMenu

-----WARNING----- You need to install additional files to run this mod! -----WARNING-----
Instruction video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=F5RFu2LCqtg
1. First, download this mod (and install UML) as you'd normally do
2. Go to https://github.com/RoJoJoey/CEOverlordCheatMenu and follow Manual Installation steps 5 & 6
3. Enjoy the mod!

For more info, check the description of my other mod for Circle Empires: https://umodframework.com/mod?id=14

This mod adds a cheat menu.

Current features:
- Enable unlimited resources.

Planned features:
- Instantly win a match
- Suggestions? Send me a message @SteampunkEngineer#4147. I'm always hanging around in the UMF discord server

Removed all previous functionality. Instead added the ability to enable unlimited resources.
Added settings to edit how much wood, food, gold you start with when creating a new game
  • Status:Working
  • Version:1.0
  • Game:Circle Empires
  • Author:RoJoJoey
  • Mod Website:n/a
  • Mod Source:[Link]
  • Downloads:1021 | Unique: 894

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