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The Mod Installer lets users install mods into their game from a single link click from any website.
Links are created like this:

  • Install Mod:
  • Uninstall Mod:
  • Install Mod Library:
  • Uninstall Mod Library:
  • Replace <gamename> with a lower case no space version of the game name.
  • Replace <modfile> with the file name of the mod to be installed.
  • Replace <downloadurl> with the URL from which the mod should be downloaded from.
  • Replace <uninstallpattern> with a file name pattern or file name. This supports wildcards.

In order for this to work the web server must provide the following headers:

  • X-Download-Options: noopen
  • Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=“<filename>”

Some web browsers may provide these headers by default, but in most cases you will have to configure your web server to add these.

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