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 +Version 0.53.0 (2019-12-26)
 +- New: Added .umflib handling and improved mod library support.
 +- New: Added mod library support to the project generator.
 +- New: Added Newtonsoft Json and mono serialization libraries.
 +- New: The installer will now notify windows users to install .NET 4.7.2 or higher if they lack it.
 +- New: The installer will attempt to correct folder permissions on Linux and MacOS too now.
 +- New: The installer will notify the user of minor errors and instruct them to read through it.
 +- New: The installer will now detect some Anti-Cheat systems and warn the user before install.
 +- New: Added installer argument '​-scanDepth <​num>'​ for controlling how many folders deep the installer should scan for games.
 +- New: Added Universal option to Project Generator for UNIVERSAL mods.
 +- New: Added -universal parameter to the Mod Packer for UNIVERSAL mods.
 +- New: The old Mod Installer/​URI Handler has been replaced and improved by the UMF Mod Manager. (Linux & Mac coming later)
 +- New: Added file associations for .umfmod and .umflib to the UMF Mod Manager on Windows. (Linux & Mac coming later)
 +- New: Added support for Mod Packs/json batch commands to the new Mod Installer.
 +- New: Added preliminary support for Unity Engine 2019.
 +- Changed: Obsoleted and combined ModDependencyVersions into ModDependencies in the following format: ModName1:​1.30,​ModName2:​0.75
 +- Changed: The installer'​s scan function is now around 35%-40% faster for Windows users.
 +- Changed: The installer will now drop down the game list after each scan to give the user visual notification.
 +- Changed: The installer window will show and play a sound when scanning takes more than a minute.
 +- Changed: Various minor improvements and tweaks to the Installer.
 +- Changed: Various minor improvements to the Backup system'​s file selection process.
 +- Changed: All UMF app now uses to get game names.
 +- Changed: Anti-piracy systems have been improved.
 +- Removed: All automated handling of asset bundles has been removed due to bugs and will be added back at a later time.
 +- Bugfix: The installer would not find some games in some cases.
 +- Bugfix: The installer would not find multiple copies of the same game.
 +- Bugfix: The installer would install the wrong .NET version of UMF into some older games. ​
 +- Bugfix: Backups would traverse symlinks. (Thanks Zaffeine)
 +- Bugfix: The first shortcut would fail to be created if two shortcuts were created simulatenously.
 +- Bugfix: Backups will no longer backup Windows shortcuts.
 +- Bugfix: Fixed issue with reading packed mod locales and .umfpatch files.
 +- Bugfix: Fixed missing unity log file for MacOS.
 +- API: Added bool UMFTool.ShortcutExists(string location, string linkName)
 +- API: Added void UMFSave.Save<​T>​(object saveObject, bool json = false, string file = null)
 +- API: Added T UMFSave.Load<​T>​(bool json = false, string file = null)
 +- API: Added bool UMFSave.SaveExists(bool json = false, string file = null)
 Version 0.52.1 (2019-06-20) Version 0.52.1 (2019-06-20)
 - Changed: Some minor improvements to the Project Generator files. - Changed: Some minor improvements to the Project Generator files.

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