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 +Version 0.52.1 (2019-06-20)
 +- Changed: Some minor improvements to the Project Generator files.
 +- Changed: The Installer will clear the cache upon update and re-install when user chooses to not remove old install.
 +- Bugfix: Added missing user-agent to the downloader when requesting filename from the Content-Disposition header.
 +- Bugfix: Text display issue with mod updates showing as 0ms.
 +- Bugfix: Fixed custom keybinds causing crashes in some cases.
 +- Bugfix: Text display issue with mods reporting incorrect version after a mod update.
 +- Bugfix: Renaming assemblies through mod updates would cause a hang. (Thanks CabbageCrow)
 +Version 0.52 (2019-06-12)
 +- New: Brand new website with mod hosting and listing.
 +- New: Desktop Installer with drop-down list of games to install UMF to.
 +- New: UMF URI Handler: An automated one click mod downloader and installer.
 +- New: Uninstall.exe for easier/more obvious uninstalls.
 +- New: UMF now uses Harmony 2.0. (All mods that use Harmony needs to be recompiled.)
 +- New: Tools/UMF Mod Packer packs down compiled mod files into an encrypted re-distributable .umfmod package.
 +- New: Tools/UMF Project Generator creates ready to use Visual Studio project files for UMF mods.
 +- New: The UMF Menu now automatically scales down on resolutions with a height lower than 800 pixels. (Temporary solution)
 +- New: UMF Warnings will now detect and disable mods that are compiled for the wrong .NET Framework.
 +- New: The Setup can now generate Visual Studio project files with UMF code all ready to use.
 +- New: If a .umfmod is packed into a zip file the zip file will be automatically extracted into the Mods folder.
 +- New: Duplicate older versions of mods in the Mods folder are now automatically deleted by UMF.
 +- New: Added mod dependency settings '​ModDependencies'​ and '​ModDependencyVersions'​ to UMF Mod config settings. Use UMFConfigStringArray to set them.
 +- New: Direct support for games using .NET 4.7.
 +- Changed: UMF will now ask if you want to update when a new update is found.
 +- Changed: The Setup menu no longer requires pressing enter to confirm the choice.
 +- Changed: The PauseGameOnGUIs setting has been improved and enabled by default again as it should now work with most games.
 +- Changed: The 'UMF is loading'​ text has been replaced to stop people from waiting for a full day.
 +- Changed: Set the setting ShowTips to off by default. The current GUI is due for a major overhaul.
 +- Removed: Automatic rewriting of missing folder permissions have been removed from the Setup in an attempt to reduce false Antivirus detections.
 +- Bugfix: Fixed the UMF key bindings KeysMenu and KeysConsole not taking effect without a restart. (Thanks CabbageCrow)
 +- Bugfix: Fixed an issue with keyboard locale in some games.
 +- Bugfix: Fixed missing MinVersion and MaxVersion checks after the mod loader rewrite.
 +- Bugfix: Fixed FieldOfVew setting not returning to default when being set to 0. (Thanks CabbageCrow)
 +- Bugfix: Fixed UMF hanging when loading a packed mod with an unknown password. (Thanks CabbageCrow)
 +- Bugfix: Fixed UMF hanging with no internet connection.
 +- Bugfix: Fixed an issue with the bindings cache by moving bindings to the new cache system. (Thanks Jon E Boyd)
 +- API: Added void UMFConfig.DeleteConfig(bool backupOld = false)
 +- API: UMFConfig.Read and Write now supports Section in key string. "​SectionName/​KeyName"​
 +- API: Added void UMFGUI.RegisterPauseHandler(Action<​bool>​ action)
 +- API: Added string[] UMFCache.ReadStartsWith(string keyStartsWith)
 +- API: Changed UMFDownload.DownloadFile to void DownloadFile(string url, string directory, string file = null, bool extract = false, Action<​string,​ bool, string> action = null)
 +- API: Added int UMFMod.GetModHarmonyPatchCount(Assembly mod = null)
 +- API: Added int UMFMod.GetModHarmonyPatchCount(string modName)
 +Version 0.50.1 (2018-12-24)
 +- Bugfix: Fixed some issues with locale and mod localization that caused UMF to freeze in some cases.
 +Version 0.50 (2018-12-23)
 +- New: The UMF Setup now has a -packmod command line parameter to pack mods into .umfmod.
 +- New: UMF can now read mods directly from packed .umfmod files and zip files.
 +- New: .umfmod and .zip mods supports their own packed Assets/<​mod name>/ folders.
 +- New: UMF can now load mods from .cs source files when mono is installed.
 +- New: Scripted .umfpatch system for overwriting/​patching inline methods in all UnityEngine assemblies.
 +- New: The load order can now be sorted manually from the UMF Settings.
 +- New: Added console command hotloadmod "<​path>"​ for loading mods that were not already loaded, such as new source mods.
 +- New: Enabling a mod that was disabled when starting the game will now attempt to immediately load that mod.
 +- New: If UMF encounters a critical error it will zip the log files and show the main UMF log.
 +- New: UMF now targets multiple .NET frameworks (Staring with .NET 3.5 and .NET 4.6.2), and the old and new style Unity Engines.
 +- New: UMF now automatically loads all AssetBundles found in the Assets folders.
 +- New: UMF can now start up the real UPM side-by-side with UMF, if UMF's dummy PluginManager.Core.dll is overwritten by UPM's real one through manual install.
 +- New: Added more checks to UMF and the Setup to prevent user errors from not following the instructions.
 +- Changed: The UMF Mod Loader was rewritten to improve capabilities.
 +- Changed: Disabled mods are now stored in disabled.txt and the Enabled setting has been removed.
 +- Changed: Major internal changes all over to take advantage of the new UMF Mod Loader.
 +- Changed: The UMF Warning window has been greatly improved and will catch and show detailed warnings for each mod.
 +- Changed: Mod load order and priority is now sorted the following way: loadorder.txt > LoadPriorty(High,​ AboveNormal,​ Normal, BelowNormal,​ Low)
 +- Changed: Improved the UMF DropDown box used in the UMF Menu.
 +- Changed: Improved the text field entry of numbers in the UMF Menu.
 +- Changed: The UMF Menu now includes disabled mods settings, so that disabled mods can be enabled again from the UMF Menu.
 +- Changed: The UMF Menu mod buttons are now colored green and red based on if they are enabled or not.
 +- Changed: If a mod has no settings that can be configured by the player it is now properly stated in the UMF Menu.
 +- Changed: The console now supports numpad enter to send console commands.
 +- Changed: The help console command now supports partial search.
 +- Bugfix: UMF Font sizes would reset to really small in Unity Engine 2018.x versions.
 +- Bugfix: Fixed the missing status text when enabling and disabling mods.
 +- Bugfix: Fixed an issue with encryption. All previous encryption strings are no longer valid.
 +- Bugfix: Fixed issues with empty and None key binds.
 +- Bugfix: Fixed an issue with automatic UMF updates.
 +- API: Added new UMFDropDown(Rect rect, GUIContent buttonContent,​ GUIContent[] listContent,​ GUIStyle listStyle = null)
 +- API: Added new UMFDropDown(Rect rect, GUIContent buttonContent,​ GUIContent[] listContent,​ string buttonStyle,​ string boxStyle, GUIStyle listStyle = null)
 +- API: Added string UMFData.AssetsPath
 +- API: Added string UMFData.AssetsSharedPath
 +- API: Added Texture2D UMFAsset.LoadTexture2D(string file, bool shared = false)
 +- API: Added Mesh UMFAsset.LoadMesh(string file, bool shared = false)
 +- API: Added AudioClip UMFAsset.LoadAudioClip(string file, bool shared = false)
 +- API: Added void UMFCache.Write(string key, string data)
 +- API: Added void UMFCache.Expire(string key)
 +- API: Added string UMFCache.Read(string key)
 +- API: Added bool UMFCache.IsOlderThan(string key, int seconds)
 +- API: Added bool UMFCache.Exists(string key)
 +- API: Added attribute [UMFUnload] used on a method, which is triggered before a mod is unloaded/​disabled by the user.
 +- API: The old UMFConfig API has now been removed.
 +- API: Added bool UMFPatch.ApplyPatch(string patchName, string patch)
 +- API: Added List<​string>​ UMFData.ModNamesEnabled,​ UMFData.ModNames now includes disabled mods as well.
 +- API: Added string UMFData.TempPath
 +- API: Added string UMFData.SourceModsPath
 +- API: Added string UMFData.LuaModsPath (Lua mods are not yet implemented)
 +- API: Added string UMFData.UMFPatchesPath
 +- API: Added string UMFData.ResourcesPath
 +- API: Added string UMFData.ManagedPath
 +- API: Added string UMFData.LoadOrderFile
 +- API: Added string UMFData.DisabledModsFile
 +- API: Added UMFConfigParser UMFConfigColorHexRGBA(Color defaultValues = default(Color),​ bool requiresRestart = false)
 +- API: Added List<​string>​ UMFData.ModNamesActive for loaded and active mods
 +Version 0.45.1 (2018-10-11)
 +- Bugfix: UPM mods caused game crashes when being loaded.
 +- API: UMFData.ChangelogsPath was renamed to UMFData.ModInfosPath
 +Version 0.45 (2018-10-09)
 +- New: Configurable fully automated game save backup system.
 +- New: Full localization support in the framework with an API for mods to provide localization.
 +- New: UMF Menu configs will now detect the key pressed instead of having to manually type it in by name.
 +- New: The UMF Menu settings now have sliders and dropdown boxes for settings that support it.
 +- New: The UMF Menu now has a Enable/​Disable Mod button for mods.
 +- New: UMF controlled key binding system with API for mods to prevent binding conflicts.
 +- New: UMF Warning window that pops up to warn user of problems with mods they have installed.
 +- New: UMFHarmony mods that supply totalPatches now show up in the UMF Warning window when the totalPatches are not met.
 +- New: Mods that use encryption on UpdateURL now show up in the UMF Warning window when the decryption fails.
 +- New: All updates and downloads are now logged into a permanent log file that does not get reset.
 +- New: UMF now has 3 branches, stable, beta and internal debug. A setting was added for using the beta branch. Debug remains an internal developer branch.
 +- New: Added console command bind <​key(+key(+key))>​ <console command> (<​args>​)
 +- New: Added console command unbind <​key(+key(+key))/​all/​*>​
 +- New: Added console command savebinds "<​cfg name>"​ (<append true/​false>​)
 +- New: Added console command listcfgs
 +- New: Added console command printhelp
 +- New: Added console command fixedDeltaTime (<​num>​)
 +- New: Added console command res (<​width>​ <​height>​ <​fullScreen[true/​false]>​ <​refreshRate>​)
 +       This sets the resolution if the paramters are used. Otherwise it retrieves it and all resolutions supported by the monitor.
 +- New: Settings marked with (*) requires a game restart. A note explaining so was added to the top of each mod config, along with an API for the config parsers.
 +- New: The setup will now check folder permissions and attempt to rewrite them if they are bad on Windows installations.
 +- New: Added console command backup "<​name>"​
 +- New: Added console command restore "<​name>"​
 +- Changed: Improved the UMF auto update system linked to the change in assembly loading.
 +- Changed: The default UMF Console key binding is now supported by most keyboard layouts.
 +- Changed: Console command help now takes an optional paramter for help for a specific command.
 +- Changed: Made the setup refuse to start if it isn't inside the uModFramework folder.
 +           This is due to people selectively extracting files they want and not following install instructions.
 +- Changed: Improved the internal assembly resolver to handle harmony reload events and reflection resolve events.
 +- Changed: The setup will now give an administrator warning if the Scan option does not find any games.
 +- Changed: UMF Menu config text fields are now twice as wide.
 +- Changed: The UMF Menu settings header now contains the Product Name of the mod instead of the ini section.
 +- Changed: A mod's description attribute is now displayed below the settings header of the UMF Menu if it contains a description.
 +- Changed: UMF now uses the DotNetZip library to handle all zip operations.
 +- Changed: UMF will now load the UMF GUI and register default console commands before mods are loaded.
 +- Changed: UMF now loads assemblies into memory instead of from disk to make it easier to self update through file replacement.
 +- Changed: changelogs.txt and UMF Changelogs renamed to modinfo.txt and UMF Mod Info to let mods supply the info they want to to show the user on install/​update.
 +- Changed: Moved all downloads and the UMFDownloader API into an external .NET 4.5 downloader for TLS 1.2 support. (Includes GitHub downloads.)
 +- Changed: Renamed the UseUACForUpdater setting to UseUAC and changed the description for it.
 +- Changed: Made the UMF Loader slightly more stable with internal improvements.
 +- Bugfix: The new v0.40 setup was not working correctly with mono for Linux and Mac.
 +- Bugfix: Some of the UMFConsole API was broken due to an inverted bool.
 +- Bugfix: UpdateURL responses were not being trimmed for empty spaces and empty lines. (Thanks CabbageCrow)
 +- Bugfix: Invalid UpdateURL'​s were not being caught. (Thanks CabbageCrow)
 +- Bugfix: Some words in-game Changelog text would not be put on new lines and go under the scrollbar. (Thanks CabbageCrow)
 +- Bugfix: If the UMF specific config options were missing in a mod with configs, UMF would hang. (Thanks CabbageCrow)
 +- Bugfix: The news box was showing text outside the box when the news text was too long instead of the overflow being cut off.
 +- Bugfix: The setup will now function without an internet connection.
 +- Bugfix: Unzipping/​extracting files on newer Unity 2018 versions with .NET 4.x would not work if the files already existed.
 +- Bugfix: PauseGameOnGUIs causes problems in the game Graveyard Keeper and UMF now automatically disables this setting in that game.
 +- API: Renamed UMFConsole to UMFGUI.
 +- API: Added bool UMFGUI.DefaultCommandsRegistered
 +- API: Added int UMFData.LoaderUnixTimeDone
 +- API: Added void UMFTool.CreateDesktopShortcut(string linkName, string targetPath, string workingDir = null, string arguments = null, string description = null)
 +- API: Added void UMFTool.DeleteDesktopShortcut(string linkName)
 +- API: Added void UMFTool.CreateShortcut(string location, string linkName, string targetPath, string workingDir = null, string arguments = null, string description = null)
 +- API: Added void UMFTool.DeleteShortcut(string location, string linkName)
 +- API: Added Assembly UMFMod.GetMod(string modName, bool caseInsensitive = false)
 +- API: Added string UMFMod.GetModProductName(string modName, bool caseInsensitive = false)
 +- API: Added string UMFMod.GetModDescription(string modName, bool caseInsensitive = false)
 +- API: Added string UMFData.LocalePath
 +- API: Added string UMFData.LocaleModsPath
 +- API: Added string UMFLocale.Get(string key, params object[] formatArgs)
 +- API: Added string UMFLocale.Get(string modName, string key, params object[] formatArgs)
 +- API: Added string UMFLocale.Add(string locale, string key, string text)
 +- API: Added string UMFLocale.Add(string modName, string locale, string key, string text)
 +- API: Added string UMFLocale.Locale
 +- API: Added bool UMFGUI.RegisterBind(string bindName, string keys, Action action)
 +- API: Added bool UMFGUI.UnregisterBind(string bindName)
 +- API: Added bool UMFGUI.ModifyBind(string bindName, string newKeys, Action newAction = null)
 +- API: Added bool UMFGUI.BindExistsByKeys(string keys, bool allBinds = false)
 +- API: Added bool UMFGUI.BindExistsByName(string bindName, bool allBinds = false)
 +- API: Changed UMFGUI.RegisterCommand to return a bool and log errors if command exists.
 +- API: Changed UMFGUI.RegisterCommand now has a optional paramter of sendCommand which can send a full console command after registration.
 +- API: Moved UMFData.IsMenuOpen to UMFGUI.IsMenuOpen
 +- API: Added Texture2D UMFUnity.ColorToTexture2D(int width, int height, Color color)
 +- API: UMFHarmony attribute has a new parameter totalPatches. [UMFHarmony(int totalPatches = 0, bool debug = false)]
 +- API: Added T UMFConfig.Read<​T>​(string key, UMFConfigParser<​T>​ parser, params string[] comments)
 +- API: Added void UMFConfig.Write<​T>​(string key, UMFConfigParser<​T>​ parser, params string[] comments)
 +- API: Added abstract UMFConfigParser<​T>​ Use this as a child class to create new custom config parsers.
 +- API: Added UMFConfigParser UMFConfigInt(int defaultValue = default(int),​ int minValue = default(int),​ int maxValue = default(int),​ int vanillaValue = default(int),​ bool requiresRestart = false, params int[] allowedValues)
 +- API: Added UMFConfigParser UMFConfigFloat(float defaultValue = default(float),​ float minValue = default(float),​ float maxValue = default(float),​ int decimals = 1, float vanillaValue = default(float),​ bool requiresRestart = false, params float[] allowedValues)
 +- API: Added UMFConfigParser UMFConfigDouble(double defaultValue = default(double),​ double minValue = default(double),​ double maxValue = default(double),​ int decimals = 2, double vanillaValue = default(double),​ bool requiresRestart = false, params double[] allowedValues)
 +- API: Added UMFConfigParser UMFConfigBool(bool?​ defaultValue = null, bool? vanillaValue = null, bool requiresRestart = false)
 +- API: Added UMFConfigParser UMFConfigString(string defaultValue = "",​ string vanillaValue = "",​ bool requiresRestart = false, params string[] allowedValues)
 +- API: Added UMFConfigParser UMFConfigStringArray(string[] defaultValues = default(string[]),​ bool requiresRestart = false, params string[] allowedValues)
 +- API: Added UMFConfigParser UMFConfigKeyCode(KeyCode defaultValue = KeyCode.None,​ bool requiresRestart = false, params KeyCode[] allowedValues)
 +- API: Added UMFConfigParser UMFConfigKeyCodeArray(KeyCode[] defaultValues = default(KeyCode[]),​ bool requiresRestart = false, params KeyCode[] allowedValues)
 +- API: Added UMFConfigParser UMFConfigDirectory(string defaultValue = "",​ bool requiresRestart = false, params string[] allowedValues)
 +- API: Added UMFConfigParser UMFConfigVersion(Version defaultValue = default(Version),​ bool requiresRestart = false)
 +- API: The old UMFConfig.Read/​Write/​UMF have been obsoleted and will be removed in v0.50.
 +- API: Added List<​UMFBind>​ UMFGUI.GetBinds(string searchPattern = null)
 +- API: Added List<​UMFConsoleCommand>​ UMFGUI.GetCommands(string searchPattern = null)
 +- API: Removed UMFDownload.QueueFile and QueueString and IsDownloadingString in favor of new TLS 1.2 capable download system.
 +- API: Added UMFDownload.DownloadFile(string url, string path, bool extract = false, Action<​string,​ bool, string> action = null)
 +- API: Changed UMFDownload.IsDownloading now checks if anything is downloading from the DownloadFile list instead.
 +- API: Added int UMFData.ModsUpdated
 +- API: Added long UMFData.ModsUpdatedTime
 +- API: Added bool UMFTool.Unzip(string pathFrom, string pathTo, bool delete = false)
 +- API: Added bool UMFTool.Unzip(string path, bool delete = false)
 +- API: Added bool UMFTool.Zip(string fileName, string rootDir, List<​string>​ files)
 +- API: Added string UMFData.BackupsPath
 +- API: Added string UMFData.GameSavePath
 +- API: Added void UMFTool.Backup(string name) <- This creates a game save backup.
 +- API: Added void UMFTool.Restore(string name)
 +- API: Added void UMFGUI.ToggleConsole()
 +Version 0.40 (2018-08-21)
 +The #​user-friendly Update
 +- New: Mods that support it can now automatically update them selves. #​user-friendly
 +- New: UMF will now download, extract and install UMF updates automatically on game start. #​user-friendly
 +- New: The setup now creates a shortcut on the users desktop to the setup and mods folder. #​user-friendly
 +- New: The setup will open the Mods folder after installing. #​user-friendly
 +- New: The setup now has an option to scan for all Unity Engine games.
 +- New: Command line arguments for the setup to do silent installs.
 +- New: A tip showing how to open the UMF Menu is now displayed in the top-right corner at game start. #​user-friendly
 +- New: Added a Reset button to the UMF Menu. #​user-friendly
 +- New: Added CPU, GPU and Memory to the log file.
 +- New: Added automatic execution of all console commands found in \Mods\Configs\AutoExec.cfg at game start.
 +- New: Added console command exec "<​cfg name>"​ which executes all console commands in <cfg name>​.cfg found in the Configs folder.
 +- New: Added console command cfg <​modname>​ <key> (<​value>​) which retrieves or sets the config option for the specified mod or UMF.
 +- New: Added console command cfgSave <​modname>​ which saves the settings that have been made by cfg to the config file.
 +- New: Added console command cfgReload <​modname>​ which reloads the settings from the config file.
 +- New: Added console command timescale (<​num>​) which gets or sets the current timescale of the game.
 +- New: If a mod update zip contains "​changelog.txt"​ the changelog will be showed in a window at game start.
 +       All changelogs will be automatically renamed and moved to Mods\Changelogs\<​modName>​_v<​version>​_changelog.txt where the user can review them again later.
 +- New: Added Mod specific UMF config option ConfigVersion used for cleaning outdated config files.
 +- Changed: The start up info text now have transparent boxes under them to make them easier to read. #​user-friendly
 +- Changed: Renamed console command resetconfig to cfgReset, but still retains resetconfig as an alias.
 +- Changed: Made the UMF Menu more compact and slightly better looking. #​user-friendly
 +- Changed: The Setup will now open the web browser to the Troubleshooting Guide on the Support Forum if an error happens. #​user-friendly
 +- Changed: UMF will now wait until OnGUI can be triggered before loading mods in order to show progress for slow/long downloads. #​user-friendly
 +- Changed: The mod specific UMF configs is no longer exposed in the in-game settings menu. #​user-friendly
 +- Changed: The setup will now clean up UPM installs into the UnityEngine.dll/​UnityEngine.CoreModule.dll to prevent problems. #​user-friendly
 +- Changed: Dll files moved to the Lib folder to keep the main uModFramework folder clean for executables and text files.
 +- Changed: The setup will now install/​uninstall UMF into all Data folders (ex. 32bit and 64bit) if more than one exists.
 +- Changed: Improved output information when installing and uninstalling UMF with the setup.
 +- Changed: The config values will now be trimmed for leading and trailing spaces to prevent user errors. #​user-friendly
 +- Bugfix: Unable to input text in the Settings GUI/UMF Menu after deleting the values entirely.
 +- Bugfix: Mouse cursor would not show after clicking while on the UMF Menu in Slime Rancher.
 +- Bugfix: UMF was not working correctly without an internet connection. (Thanks CabbageCrow)
 +- API: New mod specific UMF config: UpdateURL. Supports a optional UMF Encrypted string as well.
 +       The response should be: version|url (Example: 1.0|https://​​
 +- API: Added UMFDownload.DownloadString(string url)
 +- API: Added UMFDownload.QueueString(string url, DownloadStringCompletedEventHandler callbackComplete,​ DownloadProgressChangedEventHandler callbackProgress)
 +- API: Added UMFDownload.IsDownloadingString
 +- API: Added UMFDownload.QueueFile(string url, string path, bool extract = false, AsyncCompletedEventHandler callbackComplete = null, DownloadProgressChangedEventHandler callbackProgress = null)
 +- API: Added UMFDownload.IsDownloading
 +- API: Added UMFData.LoaderIsDone
 +- API: Added UMFData.UnixTime
 +- API: Added UMFEncryption.Encrypt(string message, bool output = false) Output will output the string in ModName.txt in the umf folder. Store the encrypted string in your code.
 +- API: Added UMFEncryption.Decrypt(string encryptedMessage) Only the mod that encrypted the string can decrypt it.
 +- API: Added UMFEncryption.Encrypt(string message, string password, bool output = false) Encryption with a password you supply.
 +- API: Added UMFEncryption.Decrypt(string encryptedMessage,​ string password) Only the password used to encrypt it can decrypt it.
 +- API: Added UMFData.AssembliesPath (Points to the folder that contains the internal libraries.)
 +- API: Added UMFData.GamePath
 +- API: Added UMFData.ModsPath
 +- API: Added UMFData.ConfigsPath
 +- API: Added UMFData.LibrariesPath
 +- API: Added UMFData.LogsPath
 +- API: Added UMFData.CachePath
 +- API: Added UMFData.ChangelogsPath
 +- API: The [UMFHarmony] attribute now supports a bool to enable the harmony debug log harmony.log at desktop. [UMFHarmony(true)] to enable debug log.
 +- API: Added UMFData.IsMenuOpen This can be used in OnGUI to show more GUI elements while the UMF Menu is open.
 +- API: Added UMFConfig.DeleteConfig()
 +Version 0.35 (2018-07-28)
 +- New: Full Linux and Mac compatability. (Thanks to Billanater1 for Mac testing.)
 +- New: In-game Settings GUI.
 +- New: 14 new settings for UMF. (HotKeys, feature disabling, frame rate, FOV, and more)
 +- New: In-game full feature console. (With 11 console commands included.)
 +- New: In-game News straight from the website. (Can be disabled.)
 +- New: In-game Tips. (Can be disabled.)
 +- Changed: Mods folder is now inside the uModFramework folder instead to gather all files in one folder. (Less confusion)
 +- Changed: The version checker can now be disabled in settings.
 +- Changed: Added a lot more logging to help with debugging peoples log files.
 +- Changed: Improved performance through more code cleaning and improving.
 +- Changed: Version checker now only checks once an hour and will retrieve the version from cache.
 +- API: UMFConfig and UMFLogger are now IDisposable. Use them in a using() clause instead now.
 +- API: UMFConsole.SendCommand(string command, bool openConsole = false)
 +- API: UMFConsole.RegisterCommand(string name, string command, string[] aliases, int arguments, string description,​ Action action)
 +- API: UMFConsole.AddConsoleText(string text, bool openConsole = false)
 +- API: UMFConsole.Args (Get to process arguments for your commands)
 +- API: UMFConsole.IsConsoleOpen
 +- API: UMFData.TimeToStart changed to UMFData.TimeToLoad
 +- API: UMFData.UMFPath returns the full path to the uModFramework folder.
 +- API: UMFData.AddTip(string tip) Adds tips to the UMF tips.
 +- API: UMFData.ModNamesLower returns the loaded mods in lower case for easier processing.
 +- API: UMFMod.GetModVersion now also supports both an Assembly and a string modName to get another mod's version.
 +Version 0.30 (2018-07-20)
 +- New: Support for running <a href="​https://​​UnityPluginManager/​PluginManager">​UnityPluginManager</​a>​ plugins straight from the Mods folder, no install of UPM needed.
 +- New: Added version checking to the framework, displayed in the info text.
 +- New: Added automatic zip archive extraction. You can now drop zipped mods directly into the Mods folder.
 +- Changed: Made the info text that shows for 30 seconds on game start fancier.
 +- Changed: Improved logging a bit.
 +- Changed: Greatly improved mod loading, internal threading and thread cleaning.
 +- Changed: Cleaned up the code a lot with various minor performance improvements.
 +- Bugfix: Fixes for attribute started mods.
 +- API: Renamed [UModScript] attribute to [UMFScript] - also it actually works now.
 +       Can be used on as many public classes as you want. (With MonoBehaviour child class.)
 +- API: Added [UMFStart] attribute, used on a method to start a mod.
 +       This obsoletes the UMFMod class. Can be used only once per mod.
 +- API: Added [UMFConfig] attribute, used on a method to load the mods config option on demand.
 +       The [UMFHarmony] attribute will call this method before patching.
 +       ​Future use includes reloading and changing configs from in game.
 +- API: Added [UMFHarmony] attribute, works on both class and method.
 +       Calls the method with the [UMFConfig] attribute if it exists, then runs all harmony patches the mod has.
 +       When used on a method it also calls the method.
 +       This is to simplify mod creation (reduce code/​easier). Can be used only once per mod.
 +- API: The UMFMod class with Start method is now considered legacy and obsolete and will be removed in a future release.
 +- API: Changed the Log api and added several overloads for it.
 +       The call is now Log(string text, bool clean = false, string file = null)
 +- API: Added UMFMod.GetModVersion() which returns the Version info of the mod that calls it.
 +       Handy for for self logging purposes, intended for the initial logging call.
 +       ​Log("​My Mod Name v" + UMFMod.GetModVersion().ToString(),​ true)
 +- API: Added summary comments for all API methods.
 +Version 0.25 (2018-06-29)
 +- Initial Public Release

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